2023 Emergency Appeal - Church Attacks in Jaranwala, Pakistan



Christians in Pakistan suffered one of the most severe attacks on their communities on August 16th 2023

On  Wednesday 16th August 2023, the Christian minority community in Jaranwala, Pakistan has suffered one of the most violent and horrifying attacks in recent years. At least 17 churches have been vandalized since then, according to the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR), a Pakistani government body. 


Traumatised families are sleeping in fields to avoid being burnt in their homes.


These events have terrified minority communities throughout Pakistan and have made hundreds in Jaranwala homeless. Christian citizens who escaped the mob violence are scared for their livelihoods and many are hiding or sleeping in fields to avoid falling victim to arson attacks on their homes.

How can you help? 

GMA has released funds to send local GMA volunteers to provide emergency food relief to the victims of this tragedy for Christian citizens. Your support has helped and will continue to help us address immediate and essential needs for deeply traumatised families.


Much more importantly, we also plan to help the families rebuild their homes to provide them shelter and protection they deserve! This will be a significant effort that requires great financial resource.


We are appealing to our friends and supporters to help us to give the Christian community in Pakistan a sense of hope and the attacked families in Jaranwala a way forward in this time of crisis.


To donate online today via Paypal or by card, please use the donate button or click here: DONATE online


To donate by bank transfer or cheque, find all necessary information here: Offline Donations


To find out more about this project email info@globalminorities.co.uk 





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