The federal Republic of Nigeria consists of 36 states. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. The Republic wrested independence from the British Rule in 1960.

One of the most the most populated countries in the world Nigeria has a population of more than 140 million. On the one hand, The presence of 389 ethnic groups make the republic culturally diverse but on the other hands the multi-ethnic groups often clash with each other and the intra ethnic groups turbulence sometimes leads to loss of lives.

Muslims make around 50% of the total population while the Christians population in the country stands at 40%. The religious groups account for 10% of the total population.


The south of the country is populated by Christians while north is thickly inhabited by Muslims.

Boko Haram a militant jihadist group has been calling for imposition of Sharia law, doctrinally stringent version of Islam, in the north of Nigeria.

The group has reportedly has claimed responsibility of several target killings, bombings on religious places resulting in the deaths of several innocent children and women.

In Nigeria, minorities are often described and defined in terms of ethnic groups like Hausa, Yourba and Igbo which are considered as minorities however other groups like Ijaw, Kanuri, and Tiv even though who represent large number of people are also considered as minorities.

Since Nigeria has been home to many Empires and Civilizations, It´s ethnic, religious, linguistic landscape has undergone many changes with the passage of time.

According to the ruling Nigerian constitution of 1979 which dictates and ensures every Nigerian a right of citizen owing to the region his parents and grandparents were born into.

Among all the ethnic groups, which group has a indigenous claim is open to controversy in the face of historic migration pattern and inter marriages.

Global Minorities Alliance (GMA) calls for an end to all ethnic, ethno-linguistic tensions in Nigeria and stands in solidarity with the oppressed and the victimized in the country.

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