The total population of Malaysia is around 28.3 million. The Muslim population stands at 60% whereas Buddhist, Christians, Hindus make 19%, 9% and 6% respectively.


The ethnic groups consist of Malay, Chinese, In digenous, and Indians. Islam is the official religion in ethnically and religiously diverse Malaysia.

The religious freedom enshrined in the constitution is being undermined by growing influence of Islam.

The freedom of religion, even though, enshrined in constitution is threatened by laws banning blasphemy and other forms of discriminatory laws. Minorities face problems such as bureaucratic restrictions on building non-Islamic buildings, places of worships, limitation on certain religious practices including barring non-Muslims to marry Muslims. The strict enforcement of the country’s Sharia and blasphemy laws are matter of profound concerns for human rights group across the world. They are often denied due process.

Raja Petra who was accused of blasphemy and religious insult was detained arbitrarily without charge or trial.

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